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Conference Topics

Construction & Rehabilitation

  • Recycled Concrete Aggregate for Paving: Case Histories
  • County Subdivision Concrete Repair Update
  • Determining Loss of Pavement Slab Support & Verifying Improvement with the Falling Weight Deflectometer
  • Fast Track Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Full Depth Reclamation: Case History
  • Stoddard County Train Wreck Bridge Replacement
  • Solutions to Finishability Problems & Batching Issues
  • Innovative Concreting at Blanchette Bridge
  • I-35 Unbonded Overlay: Lessons Learned
  • MD&A Spin-Cell Facility


Design and Specifications

  • MoDOT Update
  • Non-Destructive Evaluation of Bridge Decks
  • ACPA Website Programs and Apps
  • Type I-L Cement: Hwy 67 Paving Project
  • Fly Ash Concerns: Availability and Changing Characteristics
  • Roller Compacted Concrete: Shoulder Widening Projects
  • What’s New in Admixtures?
  • Improving the Durability & Service Life of Bridge Decks & Pavements Using Internal Curing
  • Internal Curing: St. Louis County Bridge Project
  • New Concrete Labs at Missouri S&T